Folds and Fields
Asya Geisberg Gallery
New York, NY

Folds and Fields

Connecting lineages of stain painting and textile dyeing and design, Gualdoni complicates field painting space by incorporating patterns painted on the backside of the canvas, creating a metaphor from the seepage of paint for the impermeability of boundaries. She reiterates patterns onto objects in disconnected fragments, reflecting a shift from regular intervals to an irregular perception of time, where minutes can flow and alternately collide at varying perceptual speeds. These textile patterns, sourced from early-20th century women artists such as Sonia Delaunay or Barbara Stepanova, take on architectural scale and form the backdrop for interiors and table-top tableaux. As these women artists, some from the Bauhaus school, worked both as painters and as textile designers, Gualdoni places equal emphasis on their genre-blending careers as on their insistence on inserting lived experience into the constricted categories of fine art.