Verso della Terra
Asya Geisberg Gallery
New York, NY

Verso della Terra

In Verso della Terra, Gualdoni reflects on how we read landscapes, both above and below the surface level. Drawing on alchemical symbolism and Jungian psychology to describe and diagram landscapes, Gualdoni invites viewers to contemplate how decay and regeneration co-locate in the rhizosphere - the layer of soil where roots grow, where networks extend between fungal colonies and tree roots. This layer of soil functions as a trove of unseen physical and psychological support structures, reminding us that all above relies on that below.

Juxtaposing expansive stained and poured grounds with descriptive contour renderings of plants, Gualdoni renders domestic and imagined landscapes where abstract veils of paint become metaphors for forces outside of our control that shape our experience, whether environmental, economic, or metaphysical.