Shadows Slipping
Asya Geisberg Gallery
New York, NY

Shadows Slipping

Angelina Gualdoni begins her paintings by pouring thin veils of paint directly onto the canvas. Structures build on the outlines of the stains, or leap out against the watery passages, or simply follow the odd paths that the liquid has chosen to flow. Gualdoni's paintings posit a world where the known and the tangible lie always outside our reach, slipping into and out of shadows. Constant tensions of emptiness and being, object and field, movement and stasis permeate her work. Gualdoni's earlier series investigated failed utopias of Modern architecture, portraying decaying and imploding buildings crumbling into pools of paint. In "Shadows Slipping", she extracts the essence of the decay, by leaving the viewer to question what is coming into being, and what is falling apart.